About Us
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About Us



Our team consists of several specialists in the interior design industry. We make it easy to get the most out of selling your home. Todd is the main stylist for Zen My Den and Ming’s day to day role involves project management of the various tasks of the Zen My Den Business along with assisting Todd with creative strategy for clients.






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My working years have been in the PEOPLE business and having enjoyed many years of Law Enforcement in NZ, selling Real Estate and interior design, I have found my niche to be EMPATHY. I am very good, or should I say, exceedingly excellent at setting up a room or home or unit so that strangers can walk in and feel very much at home.


I found that little things can give off a feeling of unease and often it can be a picture or statue or loud colours etc. or maybe just “too many things” in a room.
I have had many years in communicating with people and personally I attach emotions/feelings to most things I do and this is what gives me the gift of CREATING ZEN.

I first started selling Real Estate in Christchurch NZ for Harcourts Papanui under the excellent leadership of Phil Rotherham, my birthday was on the 3rd of August, I finally got my “approval to sell” real estate on the 8th of August and 3 days later on the 11th of August I sold my first property for cash and for the asking price.


I learnt then that every 3 days I would sell a property. That month I was 3rd out of 16 agents (even though I had 1 less week than the others), The month of September I was 2nd out of 16 agents.
The month of October I was 1st out of 16 agents and EVERY month thereafter I was top agent at the Papanui office.I didn’t know it at the time, but I was very good at my job. (I can see now that “my job” was one of communicating…not one of selling real estate.)

Looking back, I can see that the reason I was so good was that I was able to communicate with “strangers” instantly. (The strangers became my vendors and my buyers.)
The reason I explain this about myself is that what I was “unconsciously” doing way back then, was “setting the scene” by ensuring the home was giving off the vibe I was seeking so that strangers to the vendors home, instantly felt an attraction and then felt an urgency to secure the home for themselves.


By being able to “set up” a property that is for sale so that when you have your “invited guests” arrive, they have a far greater chance of leaving with the desire to come back again. They need the feeling that they must gravitate to this space and they need to feel safe, secure, protected and a space where they can safely feel “to love” and “to be loved”

Not many Agents have the ability to suggest to their vendors that they might like to “de-tune” their house or remove an item etc, because they fear they may “offend” their vendor and that they may not get the listing etc.

I have always worked in the best interest of my vendors and I have never shied away from giving my sincere suggestions/thoughts as to what we can do to make my vendors home “more saleable” INDEED….THAT is what they are paying me for as an Agent.


I have always found that vendors are only too happy and willing to oblige when they understand why I might be suggesting something and their new-found “feel” of the room is always welcomed.
Even myself, I love the colour orange and that if I was to sell my house, I would “tone-down” my bright colour scheme because I know MOST people wouldn’t feel the same as me…when they are in MY space.

When we live in our homes, we stamp OUR personality in it and not that of someone else or sometimes we might feel afraid to be bold with our interior and exterior design or colour scheme.


When it comes to selling OUR HOME…. and NOT our personality, then it’s time to be aware of what MOST people will WARM TO when they enter your home with the intention of wanting to buy it. Before they ever get the feeling of “wanting to buy” they must first get the feeling of…. I WANT TO LIVE HERE – I DONT WANT TO LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE.

When one considers the investment with an Agent for his/her time and skills and also the marketing and maybe the Auction as well, then I believe it is prudent that the owner of any property seek professional help to ensure that their home or unit etc, is 100% ZENIFIED.