Selling Via an Agent
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Selling Via an Agent

Selling Via an Agent


1 and 2 = If you are selling via a Real Estate Agent and/or via Auction, or privately, you need to ensure that you get the most out of your money invested in marketing etc.

I sincerely believe that by investing into making sure your home turns “strangers” into “lovers” will be money well spent and will only reflect in a healthy sale price.

For example, if you are paying for an Agent, their fees and marketing costs combined with the Auction cost, can be significant.

Knowing the capital investment in engaging professionals to sell your property, I believe it is essential that you make the most out of EVERY prospective buyer who walks through your doorway.

Please see all prospective buyers as “invited guests” because that is exactly who they are. You paid money to get them there, you asked them to come, so they have been invited by you, and they are your guests.

I have no doubt that good experienced Real Estate Agents are very capable of seeing that they are treated in accordance with being an invited guest.

It is very important to treat them as such and remember that only one person or couple will be able to purchase your home. Because your home has been ZENIFIED by me, there will be many people who sadly failed to secure your property for themselves, but they were all instrumental in order for you to attain the “top price” on the day by ensuring “spirited/emotional” bidding.

Don’t forget the exterior as this will create that feeling/connection with the outdoors. Often people try too-hard with making things look nice, that it has the opposite effect and not everyone has “green fingers” We all love to enjoy the garden, but not everyone enjoys “doing” the garden so we need to ensure we don’t show ‘tell tale” signs of “work”

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