Welcome to Zen My Den
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Welcome to Zen My Den

Welcome to Zen My Den

Thanks’ for dropping by.

What do I do? I turn STRANGERS TO YOUR PROPERTY to LOVERS OF YOUR PROPERTY…. Please; Put me to the test!

By achieving this, you will receive the biggest return on your investment, being your Real Estate Agents fees, marketing costs and any Auction fees.

In order to get the BEST PRICE on auction day, (or “sale day”) you need as many “hot buyers” as possible. In order to get a HOT BUYER…you need them to walk out of your unit or home with the emotional feeling of I LOVE THIS HOME….. I COULD LIVE HERE…. I WANT TO LIVE HERE… I NEED TO LIVE HERE.

With my experience as an ex real estate agent selling people’s homes and units etc, I found it easy to sell the home if you had a property that “gelled/connected” with as many people you introduced as possible. Even just shifting things in the room makes a huge difference to the “FEEL” of any place. And it is this very emotion (feeling good) that you need your “total strangers” to walk out with. Many times they only have a few minutes to absorb the “vibe” of your property and this is where I can help.

My site is for the person who is – selling their home through an agent

–         Selling their home privately

–         Wanting to create some calm in their own home/office

–         Have business premises or a shop that needs some help to achieve that calm and welcoming feel.

I visit Melbourne, Christchurch when required and if you’d like help out of these areas, just send me several photos of the rooms you’d like me to suggest changes too, or appraise and I am happy to do that. (See FEES page for prices)

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