Zenify My Home
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Zenify My Home

Zenify My Home

Many people need a little help with their own interior decor or setting out of their furniture and effects to make the best use of the space available.

I love to help and give thoughtful suggestions as to how this can be done.

Many times, it is just a matter of re-arranging furniture or shifting pictures or statues or art or the family portraits etc.

Depending on what area you’re in and what “feelings” you are looking for in the specific room or area, is what you need to do etc.

Artwork is great but you need to utilise it in the an appropriate room/space or maybe the formal mirror needs to be in the “formal” room in the house etc.

Cottage house feel…means a more relaxed intimate feel and both the interior and exterior will reflect the more care-free intimate look. Cottage gardens have a feel of their own, as they don’t always have the straight formal lines with the evenness/balanced look that a more formal and rigid garden will have. Cottage gardens tend to have a little bit of an “overgrown” or “spreading” feel to them with nice scents from the different types of flowers and herbs etc.

In order to create a nice ambience, a water feature may do the trick or a nice tropical fish tank, which doesn’t have to be big, or even the humble “gold-fish” bowl can do wonders for any room. Maybe even the sight of a piano/guitar in the room is enough to create that feel you’re wanting or having nice stereo speakers will give the relaxed feel…even when they not being used.

The use of artwork is imperative when you are wanting to create a certain vibe and you can either purchase modest artwork or hire it from us for the duration of your selling programme.

Personally, I enjoy having a coffee, not so much for the drink itself, but for the time it takes to stop and sit and relax. When you’re out at a cafe and the barista who makes the coffee also has a nice personality and is cheerful, that certainly adds to the relaxing coffee experience.

It’s all about FEELING safe and secure and being in OUR OWN SPACE that we can feel loved and to be loved. Maybe it’s getting a faithful doggie or pussycat that will give us the feelings were after in our own home/space. Perhaps having some birds in a cage will be good for you and the nice singing can be soothing if your on your own.

Even being in a rented property, doesn’t mean you cant make it your own. There are a few limitations but we can still put some “wow” factor in our own home.

Sometimes we’ve collected far too many “memories” by way of ornaments or effects or papers etc and it may mean we are at a time when we can “trim-down” our reminders of yesteryear and give us more room to enjoy “today” and have room to welcome our tomorrows.

In our rooms, we need a balance of YIN and YANG. We need pattern and colour, with plain and pastel. We need texture and rough, with soft and smooth. It is these variables that go towards our senses of TOUCH SMELL SIGHT SOUND TASTE that allow us to feel the “emotion” we get in each individual space or room.

I really enjoy creating an ambience or feeling in a home that suits the needs of the person/people living in that space. I do notice that a “cluttered” home or office-space often means a rushing and hurried day.

Reduce the clutter – reduce the stress – reduce the blood pressure – increase the ZEN.

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