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Zenify My Office

Zenify My Office

Office Stylist and Styling Services Sydney

If you are a business owner or have an office that “doesn’t gel” then allow me to get it ZENIFIED and create a welcoming and relaxed feel about it.

From the front door, you need to give the feel of your customer “being invited” to enter your shop/premises/office etc.

If you have customers calling in, then you need to ensure that it is “customer friendly” in all respects so that whilst they are there, they feel safe, secure, wanted, and are willing to return. Customers who I like to call “invited guests” need to know that you CARE about them.

Most business spend money to attract new customers and I have this thought that we are actually “inviting” people to come to our premises and to my way of thinking, our customers, are actually INVITED GUESTS and we need to be aware that we should treat our customers …. as invited guests.

When we are in a situation that we don’t feel comfortable, there isn’t much chance that we will return for “more of the same”

When it comes to running a business and our income revolves around how many happy customers (invited guests) we have who return regularly, it is imperative that we do the upmost to make sure our “space” is totally ZENIFIED.

I remember being in a garden nursery in Sydney recently where you would expect to walk away with a feeling of calm and serenity and sweet scent of flowers etc, but I noticed iron statues of warriors depicting violence and another concrete figure of a terrified man near death. Personally, I left that premises with no desire to go back as my “mood” and “feeling” I got whilst there, certainly didn’t gel with what feeling I was wanting to receive, or was expecting to receive in a nursery.

Needless to say that I didn’t purchase anything or that I have been back since.

But I still carry the memory – because of the vibe of violence, that those statues gave off.

The vibe this business owner was creating, certainly wasn’t in accordance with what “invited guests” expect to encounter in a plant nursery.

A confused workplace or a “non-calm” workplace will often reflect in the workplace itself by being in “disharmony” I am happy to pay a visit and create a feeling of calm so that the occupants also feel the same peaceful/relaxed emotion that will flow into their relationships with other staff and other people in general.


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